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Barber Surgeon (KS3 and KS4)

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Barber Surgeon

(KS3 & KS4)

Meet Isolde Bones the Barber Surgeon and her apprentice Sweeney Dom.

Learn about the gruesome way surgery was performed in the past and why women could practice their art

Subjects included are

  • Shaving, amputations, the four humors, bleeding, use of herbs, teeth and dentistry, treatment of wounds, arrow extraction and stitching
  • Was there really no anesthetic?
  • How do you mend a broken bone?
  • Lots of object to look at and handle

This session is suitable if you are studying Medicine and Health in KS3 and KS4 History.

Cost for 1 hour session £3.00 per student.

There is a catchment area for these workshops.  Travel expenses may apply.

Sessions require adequate space to set out resources and the game

Please contact Christina for further details or to discuss a workshop appropriate to your needs.

National Curriculum links:

Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally, and the lives of significant individuals

  • A local history study
  • An aspect or theme of British history extending pupils chronological knowledge
  • The development of church, state and society in medieval Britain 1066-1509; The Wars of the Roses (1450-1471) and the impact of religion and medicine on society
  • Opportunity to listen and respond appropriately to adults and peers, ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge, and articulate and justify answers, arguments and opinions
  • This session is suitable if you are studying Medicine and Health in KS3/KS4 History