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Boudicca, the Brave (KS2)

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Boudicca, the Brave (KS2)

Learn about life in Iron Age Britain:

  • How did the Roman invasion change our lives?
  • What led to Boudicca’s rebellion?
  • Use a quern stone to grind grain into flour
  • Have a go at weaving
  • Look at the materials used to make a round house
  • Lots of objects to look at and handle

The session is delivered by Christina in Celtic costume.

The cost is £2.50 per student plus travel expenses. There is a catchment area for this workshop.

National Curriculum links:

  • Changes in Britain from Stone Age to the Iron Age, to include tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture
  • The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain to include Boudicca’s rebellion

Please indicate at time of booking whether your class is studying Romans or Iron Age Britain

Please contact Christina to discuss if you are interested.