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Medicine and Health in Medieval England (KS3)

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Medicine and Health in Medieval England (KS3)

Consider the different ways in which our medieval ancestors viewed illness and how they tried to treat it.
Pupils are encouraged to participate in role play whereby some are medics and others are patients

  • Could you afford the cure you thought best?
  • How effective would that cure be?
  • What choices did you have to make?
  • Smell the smells of the day
  • Lots of objects to look at and handle

Cost for 1 hour session is £3.00 per student

There is a catchment area for these workshops. Travel expenses may apply.

Sessions require adequate space to set out resources and the game.

Please contact Christina to discuss if you are interested.

National Curriculum links:

Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally, and the lives of significant individuals

  • A local history study
  • An aspect or theme of British history extending pupils chronological knowledge
  • The development of church, state and society in medieval Britain 1066-1509; The Wars of the Roses (1450-1471) and the impact of religion and medicine on society
  • Opportunity to listen and respond appropriately to adults and peers, ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge, and articulate and justify answers, arguments and opinions
  • This session also involves mathematical problem solving