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The Rose of Middleham – A medieval historical romance (in softback or kindle version)

Published in August 2015 this book has reached number one best seller in its category on Amazon.  


When a young blacksmith’s daughter arrives at Middleham Castle in the north of England little did she know that it was here that she would meet and fall in love with one of the most powerful and enigmatic men of the Fifteenth Century.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later to become King Richard III, takes possession of the castle upon his marriage to a wealthy heiress but this does nothing to diminish the love Christiana has for him. She bears the duke an illegitimate son and against all odds continues to live and work as a servant within the castle walls. Christiana’s devotion spans twenty four years and follows Richard’s fortunes from the north of England to the battlefields of the Wars of the Roses and his ultimate death. Christiana’s story does not end with the death of the king and she finds it within herself to carry on despite being a woman alone and destitute until she eventually finds the love and happiness that had always existed but never acknowledged.

Based upon historical fact and recent new evidence that has come to light since the discovery of the mortal remains of Richard III this is a story that weaves a rich tapestry of life in Medieval England and portrays the much-maligned figure of King Richard in a more favourable light.

About the author

Originally from Birmingham I have lived in Staffordshire for over thirty five years. I work as a freelance historical interpreter at Bosworth Battlefield Centre in Leicestershire. The Rose of Middleham is my first novel resulting from my interest in Richard 111. In 2013 my son Dominic was involved in a Channel Four documentary: Richard 111: The New Evidence. Dominic has the same medical condition as King Richard and took part in scientific and historical research to learn more about the last Plantagenet king. I support Dominic as he travels the Midlands and beyond, giving presentations and showing the armour commissioned by Channel Four. I also give talks on Medieval Herbal Remedies. My other interests include cinema and theatre.

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5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. A great story that keeps you hooked, but more importantly, fantastic detail that takes you back to the times of Richard III. I particularly loved the detail about the herbs and plants. Having just read Philippa Gregory’s books about the same period, I was delighted to find this book. It shows the whole story from an angle other than court, which is what really brings it to life. I particularly liked the interweaving of historical detail with Christiana’s life and her lowly beginnings. It has kept me enthralled for the past month and I’m only sorry I’ve reached the end.

5 stars

Having done several courses on Medieval history, including one on Medicine and Healing in the Middle ages, I found the story and characters very believable. I enjoyed reading about the daily life and work of the Herbalist and life at Court. I can appreciate the careful research that was entailed in writing this book. Many thanks for an excellent story.

5 stars

I still visit Leicester often since 1974. Christina’s story covered everything of the facts that I have learnt from my tours and landmarks of Leicester and knowledge from historians all concisely woven together. A truly inspiring novel, very cleverly written with amazing foresight. She hasn’t missed a thing. Very, very well done.